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About Us

Who are we?

Who are we? Simple. We are artists. We are here to change the game in the tattoo and body art industry. With 15 years of combined experience in the world of artistic creation, we are hell-bent on redefining what the industry standard is in the world of tattooing. We only use the highest quality tools, inks, and sanitation equipment to ensure that your experience is not only safe, but top-notch quality and craftsmanship. With our friendly, professional, and open-minded staff, we are here to guide you on a journey of self expression that is unmatched. Our primary goal at Infinium Studios is to offer the best craftsmanship possible at an affordable cost with hospitable and professional services. Infinium Studios strives to create an environment where you and your artist can collaborate in a calm, classy, and relaxed atmosphere to craft body art that is sure to leave you excited to exhibit your artistic self expression with confidence and pride. We aim to administer and uphold the highest quality of customer service, friendliness, and supportiveness to our clientele by understanding that tattoos and piercings are not just body art, but often times a sentimental expression of the wearer’s personality and life story. This not only ensures an impactful and meaningful experience, but solidifies a lasting relationship with you.